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Accountant working with US tax forms

CBAS Tax & Financial Services is a company with years of experience in the field of taxes and accounting. Our firm excels in providing comprehensive services for businesses and individuals. From projection to planning all the way through to representation with the IRS, we are here to help. We put the priority on being your proactive adviser rather than just another backdoor accountant so that we can become an integral part of your team and help you achieve your goals.

Bio of Owner

Tanneshia Adams has a background in Physics and Business Management. While working as a tax specialist in her spare time, she worked full-time as a microbiological specialist. She transitioned fully from corporate to focus on a dream that she was obsessed with which happened to be taxes and numbers. Her goal was always to make sure all the firms understood their tax rights and have a clear understanding of the tax laws that applied to their ever-changing situation.

Mission / Vision

The CBAS Firm will provide timely, proactive, innovative, and independent financial literacy and tax services to individuals and private businesses. Our expertise in providing comprehensive and accurate financial analysis and maintaining reports. The CBAS Firm will safeguard all clients’ personal data information to ensure personal and financial integrity.

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